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FRISZ is aimed at anyone wishing to develop professionally, socially or simply experience sport in a different way, whether out of passion or for the simple pleasure of exchange.

The solution to major issues in the world of sport

An ecosystem dedicated to sports​

By centralizing this diversity of users, FRISZ creates a dynamic ecosystem where supply and demand meet.

*PMS : Sports Professionals

Multiple advantages and opportunities


Reach new heights by showcasing your talent and determination

Present your sporting career, your skills, performances, as well as your prize list

Highlight your profile and share it in one click, acting like a digital business card

Find sponsors, agents and coaches to support your career

Search for amateur or professional clubs based on your goals

Meet other athletes, both in your discipline and elsewhere

Share your exploits and activities

Discover new challenges to stimulate your motivation while progressing in your discipline

Sports Professional (PMS)

FRISZ supports you in your development and promotes your professional growth​

Finds clients among registered profiles looking for services (coaching, care, equipment, etc.)

Establish partnerships with clubs and sponsors, but also with other PMS

Certify your profile to strengthen your legitimacy and visibility


Better visibility and new partnerships will be essential for the growth and success of the group

Recruits new members among sports profiles and PMS registered on the platform

Find sponsors and partners

Promote your activities and events

Interact with other clubs


Obtain ease and intuitiveness in searching for new contracts

Access a large database of athletes, clubs and PMS in order to establish sponsorship contracts

Promote your brand during events to an audience engaged and passionate about sport

Modules optimized for sporting activity

Specially designed to Create, Monitor and Address Challenges around the world!!!

Take part in the Votes to elect the winners of the challenges

Create a Prizes List with the Badges won during the challenges completed

Prove your skills, talent and determination


Join the community

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